Boldenone – its effects and uses


Boldenone is an anabolic steroid that is categorised as a new-generation substance. This is because it is characterised by a reasonably mild chemical profile and, simultaneously, a practical action when building muscle mass. Of course, its use must be well thought-out. It is worth finding out more about it.


What is Boldenone?

Boldenone is an anabolic steroid used as a pharmaceutical in humans and veterinary medicine. This steroid has been on the market since 1949. Among bodybuilders and people in training, it has been trendy since the 1980s. This anabolic steroid is a substance characterised by low estrogenic and androgenic effects. It is a derivative of testosterone.


This highly chemically advanced steroid is a substance that is relatively benign to the body, so the chance of unwanted side effects is minimal. Following the recommendations and dosages is essential to minimise risks and build an attractive, muscular physique.


Usage of the Boldenone Steroid

The anabolic steroid Boldenone is a substance applied intramuscularly by injection. An essential feature of this steroid is the low level of water accumulation in the body after taking it. This preparation also has the effect of increasing blood volume. This translates into faster vascular growth and increased vascular efficiency. This, in turn, translates into building dry muscle mass and increasing strength. Products based on this steroid also improve nitrogen balance, increasing the amount of protein in muscle cells.



Additional relevant information

The dosage of Boldenone should depend on the trainee’s level and other anabolic steroids being taken. The standard dosage is 200 to 600 mg weekly in one injection daily. Smaller amounts apply to beginners, while more advanced trainers may reach for more substantial doses. As we are dealing with a steroid, common sense is vital in its use.

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