Clomid – what is it, and how does it work?


You can find many products fulfilling many vital tasks in the bodybuilding market. In addition to the steroids responsible for accelerating mass muscle gain, other preparations, such as Clomid, play a key role. Their task is to unblock the proper functioning of the endocrine system, which has been blocked due to the use of various steroids in specific cycles.


Basic information related to Clomid

Most anabolic steroids are based on testosterone. Due to their intake, the body stops its production of such hormones, considering them unnecessary since they are supplied externally. With the production of testosterone stopped and a small number of steroids in the body (at the end of the cycle), the human body is put into a catabolic state.

Most of the muscle tissue gained during the cycle will be lost. The main task of Clomid is to normalise the process of testosterone secretion after a steroid cycle. As a result, strength and muscle mass will be recovered.


Effects of Clomid – critical information

Clomid is a substance that stimulates the hypothalamus, which in turn is responsible for mobilising the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland to release gonadotropic hormones. In addition, the substance has a weak anti-estrogenic effect.


If used sensibly, the side effects of taking this product are fragile and have a low risk of occurrence. Possible side effects include hot flashes or eye problems. This risk is low and can be further minimised by an appropriate product dosage.


This substance’s specific dose depends on the cycle’s duration and the steroid used. In the case of long-ester steroids and strongly aromatizing steroids, the user should be long-lasting, and the dose should be high (up to 300 mg). With the other agents, 100 mg is used for five days after the end of the cycle and then reduced to 50 mg.


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