Important details about Proviron


The preparation known as Proviron is a substance administered in tablet form. Its androgenic action characterises this synthetic agent. At the same time, it has no anabolic properties. In the medical industry, it is used as a drug to increase male hormone levels. Not surprisingly, it is also used in bodybuilding and is used to raise testosterone levels after a cycle of steroid use. It is worth finding out more about it.


Effects of Proviron

It is essential to remember that Proviron is not a product that delivers testosterone from an external source. Usually, after the use of steroids (based on testosterone), the body’s endocrine system becomes “blocked”. It simply recognises that the body’s production of hormones is not needed because they are externally supplied. It is, therefore, necessary to perform a so-called ‘unblocking’ by eliminating such disorders with the use of Proviron. In addition, bodybuilders, athletes and people in training use this agent as an oestrogen antagonist and as a preparation to protect against the aromatization process of steroids. In addition, this agent can be used with many other preparations for “unblocking”, ensuring even better results quickly.


It should also be remembered that Proviron is a preparation which improves the fat-fighting processes. It is therefore appreciated by people who care about building attractive and solid muscles and want to eliminate unnecessary kilogrammes and attractively shape their silhouettes.


Safe and responsible use

As in other situations, the correct, sensible use of this preparation is essential. The generally accepted dose is one tablet per day. The duration of such treatment depends on the cycle and the induced testosterone deficiency. By adhering to the recommended dosage, it is possible to ensure an adequate “unblock” and, at the same time, significantly minimise the risk of side effects, such as hair loss on the head, excessive hair in other parts of the body, or the appearance of acne.


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