Tamoxifen – helpful information about the preparation


Tamoxifen is a substance that, in the medical industry, is intended for use by women in fighting breast cancer. In addition, it is used in sports, bodybuilding, and among people who are training and building their physiques. Its function is to block oestrogen receptors. In other words, it protects against rising oestradiol levels, which means less water retention. It is worth learning more about this preparation, its use, and its dosage.


Tamoxifen – basic information

First, it is essential to remember that oestrogen cannot be eliminated from the body or reduced to a superficial level. It is responsible for maintaining normal cholesterol levels, the production of the hormone IGF-1, and the normal functioning of the skeletal system. The Tamoxifen mentioned above does not reduce oestrogen levels but only inhibits its further growth. With this preparation, the testes can be stimulated to produce testosterone. This is important in the so-called “unblocking” process.


Of course, the primary purpose of Tamoxifen is to support the fight against breast cancer. Still, it can also aid in unblocking testosterone production that may have been blocked in the endocrine system due to hormone supply from external sources. The body then recognises that no natural production of such hormones is needed. The solution to this problem is the preparation used for the so-called ‘unblocking’.


What other considerations should be taken into account?

Incorrect use of Tamoxifen can lead to various side effects. These are most often associated with an overdose of the substance. Therefore, it is reasonable to take 10-20 mg per day. After a certain period, advanced individuals can increase the dose to 20-40 mg per day. Sensible use consists primarily of observing one’s body’s reaction to the preparation. If side effects occur even after taking the minimum amount, the safest option is to stop taking it altogether.


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