What is essential to know about the steroid Metanabol?


The preparation known as Metanabol is a derivative of testosterone. It is a substance characterised by a robust anabolic effect with moderate androgenic properties simultaneously. The product was launched on the market in 1960 and, from the very beginning, has been recognised by many body-builders and people training to achieve an attractive physique. Users appreciate the high efficacy of the product and the oral form of administration, which is simply convenient.


Relevant information related to the steroid Metanabol

Metanabol is a preparation with anabolic action that exhibits negligible androgenic properties. Men mainly use this product. It is a potent substance, similar to Testosterone and Anadrol. It is usually used as part of steroid cycles that increase muscle mass. Often this agent is used together with testosterone or other substances to achieve even better results.


Of course, the primary issue with Metanabol is that it is characterised by its action of actively building muscle mass. The administration is oral, and taking it after a meal is recommended. The effect of its use, combined with a balanced diet and appropriate training, is to produce an attractive, muscular physique and muscles that are strong.



Important rules for the use of Metanabol

Of course, Metanabol is a steroid whose intake is associated with the risk of various side effects. Therefore, it is essential to use this product with common sense. Above all, it is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s dosage recommendations. Doses of 20 mg per day, divided into several portions, are recommended. This is because a single dose can lead to various problems. When using such substances, it is crucial to observe one’s own body and how it reacts to such preparations.


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