Information related to the steroid Turinabol


Turinabol is an anabolic steroid taken in oral form. It is most often used between cycles of other steroids to maintain the results of their action. In other words, people in training use this preparation to prevent the loss of muscle mass that has been developed. This substance does not tend to aromatise, so you don’t have to worry about the effects of oestrogen.


Use of the steroid Turinabol and its effects

Turinabol is usually taken in doses that are not too high and are designed to maintain current muscle mass rather than build it. In addition, this steroid is used in medicine to prepare to combat the effects of AIDS.


The active substances contained in Turinabol steroids do not have as many side effects as oily substances. Despite its low intensity of action, this preparation allows you to accentuate your muscle structure and maintain its attractive appearance for a long time. The effect of taking this substance is rugged and compact, with dry muscle mass devoid of excessive water. The weaker effect of the preparation can be compensated for by using higher daily doses.


Potential side effects and minimising the risk of their occurrence

As for the side effects of Turinabol, they are weak and practically minimal. Above all, this substance can have harmful effects on the liver and cause the risk of depression. The way to minimise such risks is to use various protective measures with these steroids. It is also important to follow the manufacturer’s dosage recommendations, which are as follows:


  • approximately 10-20 mg per day in two doses to sustain the effects of the steroid cycle,
  • approximately 20-40 mg daily in two doses when building muscle mass.


Of course, the lower dose thresholds apply to beginners, while the upper values are recommended for more advanced individuals. Adherence to these translates into a practical effect of the preparation while minimising the risk of side effects. The specific dose depends on the individual condition of the body. Therefore, one must observe one’s reaction to the steroid taken.


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