What is worth knowing about the steroid Winstrol?


Winstrol, or Stanazol, is a popular steroid in tablet form that is a DHT derivative. It is a substance with an average anabolic effect and a weak androgenic effect. Its use by many athletes aims to increase strength, support muscle building and maintain mass muscle gain at an optimal level. This product is used by bodybuilders and individuals who wish to support their efforts to create an attractive, muscular physique.



What are the properties and effects of Winstrol?

Winstrol is an anabolic steroid with low androgenic properties. This steroid is responsible for promoting the building of muscle tissues through synthesising their proteins. In addition, muscle development is promoted by increasing the rate at which nutrients flow through the muscles and by the various chemical changes in them. The result is the construction of an attractive, muscular physique and an actual increase in strength.


In other words, products based on the steroid Winstrol improve muscle growth and overall performance. This means obtaining the desired results from your workouts is easier. This formula is used to gain dry and compact muscle mass without even small residual water in the body.


Possible side effects and dosage of Winstrol

Despite its many beneficial properties, it is vital to bear in mind that we are dealing with a steroid whose overdose can be highly toxic and is associated with the occurrence of various unwanted side effects, such as:


  • insomnia,
  • headache,
  • acne,
  • breathing problems,
  • swelling of the throat, face, arms, legs, etc.


These and other side effects are most often the results of an overdose of the product. It is, therefore, essential to use it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Beginners should take 20 to 50 mg daily. This dose can be gradually increased to 100 mg per day. More advanced individuals can take larger quantities (but also within reason) with extensive training and experience with this steroid. Taking the product sensibly at the recommended dose will significantly minimise the risk of side effects mentioned above.

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